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Powder Gel is the latest material used for Gel Nails system, Gel Powder is look like Acrylic power, but unlikely acrylic, power gel nails is look more Clear, thinner and natural than Acrylic. At American Nails & Beauty, we offer a range of services using Gel powder, being applied on natural nails, with tips or as an in-fills (called 'fillins' in the USA).
A paste formed from a gel powder and liquid system, the Powder Gel is applied using a sable brush and is the quickest system available to reach

the target of a gorgeous set of nails. For a set of Gel nails, we use the same format with the acrylic powder, first of all the technician will first apply a primer to the prepared natural nail plate.
The primer is allowed to dry before dipping a sable brush into Gel liquid then, picking up a small bead of

Gel Powder, applying it to the nail and spreading it out evenly. This process is repeated until the whole of the nails are coated completely. Filing and shaping follows, finally being buffed to a high shine finish, resulting in a full set of Power Gel in about 1 hour and it's cost from 28 for the full set.

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Here at American Nails we pride ourselves on a warm and friendly Atmosphere. Offering you only the best in specialist nail care. We are pleased to offer each client a free initial consolation on all nails care. We use only top quality products imported directly from the United States such as OPI and MISA for your ultimate look. Our ultimate goal is to satisfy you, your business is always appreciated.
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